Aquatic Exercises in your Swim Spa



Swim spas have redefined our idea of fitness by incorporating both fun and relaxation.

How can you exersize in your swim spa? If you don’t own one, EZaqua sells and services the Tahoe Swim Systems.

Use your swim spa to relax. Lay back and indulge yourself inside the swim spa filled with warm water. It’ll sooth your nerves and muscles.

Use the jets. With a swim spa, you control the direction and force of the jets and the current it creates. Freesyle swimming is an easy exersice and painless on your muscles and your entire body.

Add weights on your anklex to improve resistance on your thighs and calves. Put buoyance cuffs on your ankles to increase resistance.

Walking or running exercises strengthen abdominals and lower back muscles. Keep your heart rate up with swimming or running exercises in your swim spa.

Don’t forget about stretching. Before and after your exercise, keep your muscles limber with at least 5 minutes of stretching.

EZaqua can install your Swim Spa in your home or on your deck – give us a call today or get an online quote.


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