Buying a Fiberglass Pool



With so much information on the net, it becomes difficult to decide on who really is the best. All companies claim to be the best or “Number 1 in the industry” So, what you have to do as a consumer, find out what is best for you. I wanted to make this site easy for anyone to find what they need. The number one question I always get is; “how much is this going to cost?”You will need to find the pool that will fit your lifestyle., I usually ask the homeowner first if they have looked through either the EZ Aqua Distributors San Juan Pools or Leisure Pools websites, and whether they have already decided on size, shape and color, or any of the other options available. Many new buyers need assistance on choosing size, and I’ll be happy to help you with this, by asking questions about your family and how you intend to use the pool. For example some families like to have a pool that starts off at 3.5′ and gradually goes to 5′, this way the family can use the entire pool to play volleyball.


Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the size of your new pool:


* Is the pool for your family?
* How many children do you have, and how old are they?
* Will you or any of your children use the pool for training purposes?
* Do you entertain frequently?
* How large is your yard?


After you decide on a few pools that will work in your yard, you will need to let me know how much of this project you want us to do. We can sell you the shell only or do a complete “turn-key” operation for you (and just about everything in between. Please review the following:


Extra Expenses

Okay, you decided on a pool, and you know what the pool will cost… So what else do you need to know? You want to know the other costs involved. The other costs are: permits, fencing, electrical work with permit, water truck, certified gas fitter (if you purchase a natural gas heater), a crane if you do not have easy access, and dirt removal. You also have the options, but they are just that — options. You do not need to have lighted jets of water cascading from the walkway on each side of the pool, but it definitely looks good!

Most companies do not disclose to you all of the extra items that add up, because it could be a little overwhelming. However, I operate as a information person rather than a salesman. I feel it is better to know upfront all of the costs involved. I will discuss with you all of the steps involved in installing a fiberglass pool, and I will give you the best price on the pool and the options.



The largest pool delivered from Leisure Pools to any point in CT, MA, NY or RI has never cost the homeowner more than $3,500.00. However, with the price of gas and diesel fuel going up everyday, it is difficult to say how much of that will be reflected in future shipping quotes.



It is very difficult to quote the exact price for the electrical portion of the job, even after I have done numerous installs. Every county is different, and every house is different. For a normal installation, you probably will not spend more than $1500, but you may have to spend more, if, for example you do not have the physical space in your breaker box, then you would need to add a sub panel, etc.



We will need to have a water truck onsite for installation, in order to properly level the pool. We try to coordinate with the water company — they will deliver one tankard of water right after the pool is delivered, and then be on-call for the second load of water to come when we need it. You can expect to pay up to $225-350 per load for water for your pool. Most pools will require 3-4 loads.



We use several different crane operators through-out New England.

We will need at least 20 feet to get your pool into your backyard, otherwise we will need to use a crane to bring it in. We need at least 8 feet to bring in our excavation equipment. Sometimes a person has a large backyard but does not have access to bring a pool in to their backyard. The costs vary for the rental of a crane (3 hour minimum) is usually between $600-$1,100. The crane company will do a site visit to give exact costs.



Permit fees vary from city to city, and in some areas, you need a county permit (health department), and a city permit. These permits are usually about $300, minimum. Your county should have all the forms you need on their website. If you belong to a homeowners association you will need their blessings as well. You might also need a tree conservation letter.

Don’t forget “Call before you Dig” to let you know if we can dig! In CT 1-(800)-922-4455


Dirt Removal

We excavate a lot of dirt to put in a swimming pool! Where does it all go? We will try to work with you to place it elsewhere on your property. If we place it on the property we provide a rough grade at no additional cost. However, if the homeowner does not have a place to put the dirt, we suggest asking your neighbors or friends if they need some for fill. If all else fails, we will load it on to trucks, and transport the dirt for you to a specific dumping point. It hard to provide a firm number for this, but it could cost at least $700 on up according to the location of the dump.

I would also like to address the issue of dirt in a different light. We make a mess, yes I said it! There is just no way to move two or three large dump trucks of dirt around your yard without the yard getting messy. There is also 30-60 tons of stone and sand that is delivered while we are installing a pool, and this makes a mess on its own.



We do concrete work! Our installers also pour concrete. The price for concrete starts at around $3000. The pool will be bonded and inspected before we pour the concrete.

More information about concrete (see our section on decking)
We like to pour a cantilevered edge around the inside of the pool and at least three feet of concrete around the pool. The three feet works well when you are putting on a winter cover. The costs for this varies, according to the square footage, texture and color.



We will install a temporary fence for you at no charge, if you need to have a fence installed before your permanent fence is installed.



EZ Aqua does not finance. We do work with several financial institutions Here is the payment schedule:

* 20% total project cost due at contract signing.
* 50% total project cost due after you inspect the pool after it arrives, approve the location of installation, and the initial installation.
* 20% total project cost due when water is applied to your pool.
* 10% total project cost due after you inspect the completed pool, and give the okay that all went well



My installers are very experienced and nothing phases them. They have installed over 1,000 through-out New England. They understand that like any other improvement on your house, you are investing a lot of money and you want it done right. They will do it right guaranteed. They will save you money if they can and work very hard to make you happy.


Turn Key

This includes everything found in Basic install w/concrete, but it also includes fencing and electrical costs.



Typical Price Range: $28,000-$75,000

Prices For Other Options:

* Automatic Pool Covers: Prices usually run between $5000-$13,000 for most autocovers
* Salt Chorine Generators: Salt systems usually cost between $1,000-$2500
* CL Free Systems $3,000-$5,000
* Pool Security Covers: Prices for Security Covers range from $1000-$3000 in most cases
* Heat Pumps: Most heat pumps cost between $3500-$6000, plus additional cost for electrical hook up
* Waterline/Perimeter Tile: Most pool dealers charge between $1000-$3000 to tile a fiberglass swimming pool
* Retaining Walls: Retaining walls can get very expensive, and depending on the size can obviously vary a huge degree. Most walls cost $5000-$15,000.
* Water Features: The price of pool water features vary drastically, especially when it comes to custom waterfalls.
* Pool Lights: Most pool lights cost between $500-$1500


I sincerely hope this site has helped you. Being informed and aware of what to expect saves so much time and effort (as well as saving money).