The Myth: Chlorine-Free Who wouldn’t want a soft, silky, chemical-free, maintenance-free pool? A Doughboy Above Ground Pool that uses natural salt instead of chlorine…a pool that’s good for your skin and hair and with the healing power of the ocean. The buzz over salt water pools spread like wildfire […]

The Salt Water Pool Myth

  There are many options for swimming pool decks. The area around your swimming pool should be considered during your planning as much as the EZaqua pool itself. Consider your whole backyard and not just the pool itself. Hopefully this article will help you when planning your swimming pool deck. […]

Swimming Pool Decking Options

  Swim spas have redefined our idea of fitness by incorporating both fun and relaxation. How can you exersize in your swim spa? If you don’t own one, EZaqua sells and services the Tahoe Swim Systems. Use your swim spa to relax. Lay back and indulge yourself inside the swim […]

Aquatic Exercises in your Swim Spa

  Swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs are fantastic sources for your family’s enjoyment. Your backyard pool is an opportunity to spend time with friends and family. While it is a source for fun, it is also a place to be viligent about possible dangers.   Here are some tips […]

Pool Safety Tips

Refreshing oasis in backyard with pool hot tub and patio furniture.
  When it is getting warmer and we can see Winter behind us – we long to splash and frolic in our pool. The easiest way to get your pool ready for Swim Season is to give us a call and we’ll do all the work! If you are inclined […]

Opening your pool in the Spring