Pool Rebuilds

Given enough time, swimming pools will deteriorate and may even loose all integrity.  You may feel that you would just like to have a new pool, but it would cost too much.  That’s why we eveloped a rebuilding, resurfacing, and renovation system.

The effects of old age and wear not only makes your pool look bad, it becomes a monster to keep, requiring more chemicals, time, maintenance, and money.

Put an end to these problems by restoring everlasting beauty and pride in your pool with ArmorGuard.

ArmorGuard a revolutionary product for swimming pools.  It  makes marcite and other plaster surfaces seem obsolete and out performs fiberglass pool finishes for many years.

ArmorGuard is a specially formulated, high performance thermosetting epoxy resin that is reinforced with “state of the art” proprietary titanium fillers and modified flex enhancers for increased physical strength, chemical resistance and superior bonding properties.

ArmorGuard is manufactured by a company with over twenty years of experience in the research and development of epoxy coatings and linings for industrial and pool applications.

AmorGuard is a product that combines the latest technology in epoxy coatings with a proven history of success.

Installing ArmorGuard

ArmorGuard is installed in a pool by our pool technician in just a few short days. First the pool is properly drained and the existing surface is repaired and renovated. We use a heavy duty sealer and primer.  A coating is then applied to recondition and seal the pool surface against the elements.

EZaqua is an authorized dealer and trained for your complete satisfaction. With our 15 year Warranty, 1 coat of primer applied, a second coat of primer is applied with hydro mat to stop hydration, then the 1st coat of ArmorGuard with mat is applied, and then a final coat of ArmorGuard is applied, totaling 4 coats of material.